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Who is included in "Business"?

Business includes employers, employees, human resource representatives, all worksite and business (large employer groups) and voluntary and non-profit agencies based or providing services in Florida.

Why should Business care about comprehensive tobacco dependency treatment?

Smoking cost Florida $19.6 billion a year in workplace productivity losses, premature deaths and direct healthcare expenditures. [1] Even though you might have already thought about tobacco policies in your business (such as smokefree workplaces or designated smoking areas) smoking also impacts your bottom line in other ways. The additional annual cost to employers due to lost productivity and medical expenses is roughly $3,400 per smoker [2].  More information on the cost to employers.

The good news is that 70% of smokers want to quit, and a comprehensive approach to treament is the most effective method for them to quit and stay quit. Below we outline simple, low to no-cost things businesses can do help their employees quit smoking for good. We also invite you to view these great examples of how other companies have provided tobacco dependency treatment which made their employees' healthier and improved the bottom line.

These case strategies explains what companies like Sprint, Dow Chemical Company and Union Pacific are doing to encourage their employees to be tobacco free.

How can Business improve comprehensive tobacco dependency treatment coverage in Florida?

  • Learn more about the importance of providing coverage for comprehensive tobacco dependency treatment in employees’ health benefits,and how it can improve employees heath and a business' bottom line.
  • Collaborate with local wellness boards and local tobacco partnerships to promote comprehensive tobacco dependency treatment.
  • Educate employees about the contents of their health insurance plans and benefits packages specifically as it relates to tobacco dependency treatment.
  • Designate an employee champion who is focused on workplace wellness and ensures comprehensive tobacco dependency treatment is included in programming, employer benefits packages and links employees to resources.

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Based on 2002 dollars.CDC. BrochureFull.pdf.Accessed April 8, 2008.

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